Azel Stand Mount, state of the art Radian beryllium compression driver, 1" throat

Azel Stand Mount, beryllium compression driver
Removable Knit Cloth Grille w/Ball/Socket Fasteners
Demo Azel SM/B satin chocolate walnut w/$600/pr optional removable knit cloth grilles
$7100/pr $4700/pr

Images on this page directly to the right and some below: trade-in "Satin Chocolate Walnut" Azel SRP $7100 w/optional grille.  Azel shown atop same/matching finish extra-cost SuperStand SRP $3700/3 pieces (sell for $2500) including Dayton SA1000 kilowatt sub amp. 

2.5-year warranty same as new (balance of original 5-year warranty.)

This trade-in Azel includes optional grilles, $600/pr SRP. 

$7100/pr $4700/pr
Alloy Satin Black Dress Ring for 12”

A 1000% acoustically transparent cosmetic upgrade: hides fastening screws and the forward facing fiber mounting gasket on the 12 inch mid bass.  Ring and four flush mount flat head screws finished in black satin powder coat.  For likeness see Gina (ring standard on Gina, no grille option).    


Azel is the Hebrew word for “noble”

All AK stand mount models are satellites requiring subs for true full range performance.

Azel SM/B is a world class stand mount winning rave comments at 2018 RMAF.  Gina is one step above Azel SM/B in refinement, while Azel is a full 3 dB higher in sensitivity.  Azel transparency competes with panel speakers, but  has bass slam and dynamic “pop” beyond any panel speaker, and is one of the easiest speakers to drive.

No matter how highly you rate the dynamic envelope of your direct-radiator speakers Azel will establish a whole new meaning to the word.  It's much more than the already astounding 1 dB of maximum compression @ the limit (where most direct radiators compress about 10 dB); dynamics even at the lowest levels are more fun and satisfying too.

This is another in a long line of AK speakers designed by Duke LeJeune with a world class balance of all the best attributes of horn speakers yet none of their well known drawbacks.  Azel is proof that Duke is the most able designer to convert supporters of direct-radiator designs.

Owner comments:

OK, so how do they sound? As expected, the Azels excel at dynamics and provide a much fuller sound than my previous open baffle monitors.   

Highs -- These speakers are just as, if not more, detailed as the Beyma TPL-150 EMT that I've been accustomed to hearing for the past 6 years.  This tweeter is a bit more behaved and not as "hot" as the Beyma, but provides all of the detail and shimmer of cymbal, bells, etc.    

Midrange is better than expected from a 12" Eminence woofer. Visually, the woofer doesn't move while playing, so it's hardly breaking a sweat.  

Bass -- Right now, I think I'm close. However, I haven't played any of my bass heavy CDs yet. The sub amps' crossovers are currently set at 80Hz, so there's some bass overlap with the Eminence. I'll probably leave as is and not fool with high pass filters. I tried plugging one of the ports and it decreased the soundstage, so I'm done with the (port) plugs.

Overall sound -- "dreamy and creamy" was a thought that came to mind while listening. Simply beautiful. All of my favorite songs sound better, absolutely no question about it. The main improvements are the dynamics and the fullness of sound, and it ain't subtle. Piano sustains are longer. Music flutters higher in space (a good thing since every other speaker I had the vocals were often too low). 

BOTTOM LINE -- I'm totally thrilled with the Azels. Music is a lot more fun to listen to which is the only thing that matters. These speakers provide everything I expected from them, and I haven't finished setting them up yet.



  • Mid-Woofer: Eminence Definimax 4012HO, 4 inch voice coil, 12 inch diameter, 22.3 lbs (USA)
  • Compression Driver: state of the art Radian beryllium diaphragm, 1.0" throat (USA)
  • Treble Tilt Control: 5 settings, center setting = flat/neutral
  • Ports: two 3” diameter rear-firing patented dual-flared Precision Ports brand, behind mid bass to increase mid range reverberant field, tunable via one air tight included plug per port
  • Wave Guide: SEOS/super elliptical oblate spheroid 15.5 inch wide
  • Bass Cutoff: estimate 60 Hz, tunable via one air tight plug (included) per port
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 2.83V @ 1M @ 8 ohm
  • Dimensions HWD: 24 x 18 x 12.5 inches, 4.5 inch wide 45 degree rear vertical corners
  • Net Weight: 71.6 lbs
  • Power Handling/Maximum Output: 100Wrms yields 114 dB w/only 1 dB dynamic compression
  • Input Impedance: 8 ohm nominal/6 ohm minimum, benign phase angle

Please refer to home page notes for a wide range of build, tuning, and operational details.