AudioKinesis Satellite Versions of Azel Tower

Azel SAT/M, Mylar Compression Driver
Azel SAT/B, Beryllium Compression Driver

Includes Rear/Up-Firing Notch-Loaded 8th Gen Space Generator

Knit Cloth Grille, Ball/Socket Fasteners
Alloy Satin Black Dress Ring for 12”

Azel is the Hebrew word for “noble”

Azel Tower and Satellite each employ a different 12” mid-woofer. Satellites have cabinets 3” less deep, with increased mid range neutrality, resolution, and transparency. In exchange, Satellites require subs which are not required with the full range regular Azel Towers.

The rest of the build details are similar or identical between the Tower and Satellite, including the latest 8th generation Space Generator comprising an ultra-wide range Italian made horn and compression driver.


  • Pattern control from 1.2k Hz to 9k Hz
  • Bass Cutoff: 4th order @ approximately 60 Hz
  • Maximum Output and Correlating Amp Power: 100W yields 112 dB peaks @ 1M with 1 dB dynamic compression. Minimum
  • Recommend Power: 50W for 109 dB. 300W maximum input.
  • Mid bass loading: two dual flared 2” diameter rear firing ports (rear panel image depicts Tower with 4 ports)
  • Mid-Bass: Eminence Definimax 4012 HO pro sound, treated paper diaphragm, treated fabric accordion surround, 4 inch voice coil, 22.2 lbs
  • Front/primary compression driver/mid-tweeter: 2 inch diaphragm mylar or beryllium, 1” throat
  • Front/primary wave guide: 15.5 inch wide SEOS Super Eliptical Oblate Spheriod, state of the art pattern control, better pattern shape than the smaller horns, especially at the outermost edges of the radation pattern
  • Dimensions HWD: 44.93” x 18” x 15” including glider feet
  • Net Weight: 107.9 lbs/ea
  • Packed Weight: 133 lbs/ea
  • Input sensitivity: true nominal 94 dB @ 2.83V @ 1M
  • Mirror Imaged Cabinets: SG level control and side panel “release holes” on inside

Please refer to opening notes for a wide range of build, tuning, and operational details.

Ideal Subwoofer Systems for Azel SAT/B and SAT/M

DEBRA Distributed Bass Array, 4 subs + 1 Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp $3300/5 piece or.........
AudioKinesis Swarm, 4 subs + 1 Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp $3200/5 pieces

Optional final upgrade:
Extra Dayton Audio SA1000 for Dr. David Griesinger's “Phase Quadrature Array” tuning $400