AudioKinesis Flagship
Bohemian 215

Proprietary Wood Horn and Mid Bass

Introduction to AudioKinesis Loudspeakers designed by Duke LeJeune

Duke started designing speakers in the late 70s. In the late 80's he embarked on a quest to uncover "what really matters" in loudspeaker design. Pouring through back issues of audio engineering journals, Duke concluded that late-arriving reverberant field energy was a critical performance component. Through his association with waveguide patent holder Dr. Earl Geddes in the early 2000's, Duke learned the elements of radiation pattern control and optimized reverberant energy.

Duke built his first commercial loudspeaker in 2005, his first constant-directivity waveguide speakers in 2006, and in 2007 introduced the 2008 TAS Golden Ear Award Winning “Dream Maker,” with a unique “controlled-pattern vertical offset bipole design.” (Edited from Duke's autobiography)

Since the early 10s Duke has designed pro sound monitors and a diverse, succesfull line of cabinets for electric bass and instruments such as arch top guitar and violin family instruments (especially double bass). Pro and amateur bass players and reviewers own and swear by AK cabinets. Duke's compact bass cabinets are widely considered an industry benchmark. There are several thousand internet user pages for AudioKinesis MI cabinets.

Duke and his then-neighbor James Romeyn first collaborated on “Dream Maker 2.0” in 2013. Since then Duke moved from southern Idaho to central Texas, where he still performs all speaker design. AudioKinesis cabinets sold and assembled by James Romeyn are made in the same CNC shop Duke used since 2005.