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380 Meadow Brook Lane
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Telephone: 435 557 6574
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Visitors Welcome

We welcome visitors to hear several AK models in our superb dedicated sound room ¼ mile W of the base of the Rocky Mountains (Wasatch Range), 75 minute drive NE of the Salt Lake City Airport.  We can advise regarding affordable (possibly free) over night lodging. Cache Valley Utah is a great place to visit. For skiers Beaver Mtn. and Cherry Peak are 30 minute drive while Powder Mountain is about 45 minutes SW.

Sound Room and Demo Electronics

Dead quiet symmetrical basement sound room w/concrete floor and front wall, HWD 7.6 x 16.5 x 25.5 feet, in 2007-built home in a quiet gated community. AK speakers do not need acoustic treatments. We have light treatments because we can, and upon request we shall remove them. The room is exceptionally solid, and supports live music SPL, which we can play at any hour (minimal leakage through one light well).

Combined HT and Stereo 2-Channel System

For home theater fans, the room is dual use with front projector, retractable 92” perforated screen (ceiling cabinet in image), four rear and side in-wall surrounds, and full light control. The HT employs the stereo 2-channel power amp, speakers, and cables listed below.  The Space Generator's phantom center outperforms any known center channel-equipped system.

Stereo 2-Channel System

  1. Mains: dedicated 20A mains circuit, James Romeyn Pure Grid Power 8 outlet alloy extender box.
  2. Vinyl: original  original motor, controls, bearing and platter from early 1960's US made Empire 208 on custom Bill Berndt plinth comprising 1.5 inch thick 6061 alloy, platter underside lined w/Dynamat, 1.5 inch Dynamat-lined MDF base, maple cabinet, 73#.  Original Audio Technica AT1100 ultra-low mass tonearm.  Original high compliance Panasonic Straingauge solid-state active cartridge.  Modified Panasonic Straingauge demodulator feeds DC to the cartridge.
  3. Server/Streamer/Renderer: one of our most generous clients, a professional hardware/network systems engineer designed and built our so-called "Big Daddy" (BD) floor/panel mount computer running HQ Player's most complex filters, modulators and over sampling (both DSD and PCM apps.)  BD is more powerful than Extreme's $30k server/streamer and Chord's renown $6k M-Scaler.  The DAC is left to perform only basic D to A convertor functions.  Two auxiliary NUCs: a smaller renderer in the sound room performs USB output function only; a larger NUC performs Roon library function only (no Roon filter functions.)  HD Plex 200W LPS > renderer computer only.
  4. DAC: Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC, both DSD and PCM formats (we generally prefer the latter.)  PCM runs solely in true "NOS"/non-oversampling mode, performs D/A conversion only, no filter functions.  Fixed balanced output.
  5. Pure Analog Line Preamp: dealer for Atma-Sphere MP-3 3.3 line preamp only, no phono, with V-Cap upgrade and motorized remote volume control, $6350 SRP.  The only known direct-coupled, fully balanced differential tube preamp.  The most under rated component we have ever heard, competing directly with any known line preamp up to $15k and over (the next step-up MP-1 starts at $18k SRP.)  One listener described the MP-3 as "like driving over the Golden Gate Bridge at night."
  6. Power Amp: dealer for Atma-Sphere patented Class D, 100/200W @ 8/4-ohm, 2 ohm capable, GaN/gallium nitride output devices ala Technics' renown $18k power amp, 100k ohm input, $5200/pr, above the bass range a doppelganger for Atma-Sphere's legendary M-60 OTL tube mono blocks but without the heat and tube replacement and for 41% less cost.  Available now for resale.
  7. Proprietary Space Generator Ambiance Speaker: "SG10" discrete 10" coincident driver in separate cabinet with separate input, passive level control, high-pass crossover, high input impedance (ca 24 ohm), main amp drives main speakers parallel with SG10.
  8. Subwoofer Array for Satellite Speakers Only (Not Used w/Full Range Speakers:) two Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amps in David Griesinger's “Phase Quadrature" Tuning (90 degrees phase difference between the L and R pairs of subs.)  Two AK Tall Subs w/optional pedestal base also function as satellite speaker stands; each side wall has one Tall Subwoofer.  All 4 sub drivers fire toward the R wall to maximize boundary length asymmetry.  
  9. Cables: All cables from the DAC analog output to power cables are ultra-high end Clarity Cable hand-made in Kansas by Melissa Owen.  Contact us for our wide array of demo cables.  No restocking fee; full credit for cables returned after demo minus shipping fees and payment fees only if such exist.
  10. Acoustic Treatments: AK works well w/o treatment.  To squeeze the last percentile of performance we employ light and affordable treatments which are easy to fasten/remove for demo at the visitor's request.  Owens Corning 703 rigid fiberglass and in-wall fiberglass in environmentally safe knit cloth.  The room is moderately lively, not overdamped: high frequency dispersion film on all treatments maximizes density, liveliness, spectral balance and spatial qualities.


Refunds, Returns, Restocking Fee

All items must be returned in the same condition as received.  Buyer pays all vendor out of pocket fees including but not limited to round trip shipping, payment fees including credit card fees, Paypal fees, etc.  17.5% restocking fee.  All sales final, no refunds and no returns for merchandise with extra-cost finish options.  Any exception to any policy listed here must be in writing.

Home Demo

ETA is April 2021 for posted videos w/stereo binaural sound-track including special demos turning the Space Generator on/off ("MUTE" appears on the LED of a separate amp powering the SG only for the specific SG demos only.)  Binaural playback requires headphones or in-ear buds; speakers are not optional!  Listeners employing headphones or in-ear buds perceive a highly accurate representation of being in our studio.  We also allow home demo w/return privilege.