Four all new for 2024 DEBRA sub models, 20 to 38 inch tall, 8-10-12inch drivers, new mix'n match too!

DEBRA 20, 8inch driver, 20" tall x 10" square foot-print

Please help us welcome our all-new baby DEBRA 20, the world's most delightful and smallest-cabinet subwoofer array!  8inch driver, 20" tall x 10" x 10".  The smaller minimizes cabinet talk for better S/N ratio.   

It's equally true and unintuitive that the smaller the room, the more audible and detrimental are bass mode effects and the more valuable is a subwoofer array.  (Bass modes are the reason some people would never trade their luxury stand-mount for any larger cost-no-object floor-stander.) 

We now offer smaller-cabinet subs (20" tall w/10x10 footprint) for a smaller array for smaller rooms.  Even in the smallest room, mini-monitor lovers can now enjoy the best bass quality they have ever heard.        

The smaller the main speaker, the higher is bass cutoff.  The higher the distributed sub array crosses, the wider is the range with bass modes smoothed and the better is performance.  Non-distributed subs must cross as low as possible and always below 80 Hz.  Conversely, the distributed sub array can cross up to about 150 Hz without proximity effect; you can't tell if a sub is working even standing directly over it.  These unique features of the array favor main speakers like stand-mounts with higher bass cutoff.             

Compared to our standard 10inch driver DEBRA 22 and DEBRA 32, DEBRA 20 cuts off only a few Hz higher (about 20 Hz) and has only 3 dB less maximum output. 

DEBRA 20's only potential down-side is that its labor and materials cost is so close to that of DEBRA 22.  But if you want subs easier to ship, receive, unpack, setup and site, DEBRA 20 is all that and more, providing bass to 20 Hz prior impossible to attain in smaller rooms.  Your luxury mini-monitors and our bass array is a match made in heaven.    

Mix'n Match

One sub array = four or more subs.  Sub prices listed in pairs because it's OK to mix equal numbers of DEBRAs 20, 22 and 32; ditto equal numbers of DEBRA 22, 32 and 38.  Do NOT mix the extremes of DEBRA 20 (the smallest, 8" driver) with DEBRA 38 (the largest, 12" driver.)  IOW the 10s can mix down or up but keep the 8s and 12s apart.    

DEBRA 22, 10inch driver, 22" tall x 12" square foot-print

For 2024 DEBRA 22 with slightly different dimensions replaced original DEBRA.  DEBRA 22 measures 22" tall with 12" square foot-print while the original DEBRA measured 24 tall with 10.75 x 13.5 foot-print.  Unchanged are the 10" driver, patented dual-flared Precision Port and Cherne air-tight sealed pipe plug.       

We have an all-new CNC cabinet vendor.  In spite of its slightly smaller cabinet volume, DEBRA 22 is heavier, more rigid and has less cabinet talk for improved S/N ratio.  DEBRA performs better and is more compact.  

Cosmetic quality improved and our new shipping carton is double-corrugated vs. the outgoing single-corrugated carton.          

DEBRA 32, 10inch driver, 32" tall x 12" square foot-print

Our all-new DEBRA 32 replaces the outgoing Tall Sub.  Like the Tall, DEBRA 32 has two patented dual-flared Precision Ports and a small bump (about 3.5 dB) centered around 20 Hz to benefit performance in larger than average rooms. 

Per our usual standard, all ports include an air-tight removable plug.  Plugging one port cuts the bump in half, plugging both ports provides about flat response.  This makes DEBRA 32 very flexible for future use in a smaller room where it matches DEBRA 22 performance.    

DEBRA 38, 12inch driver, 38" tall x 14" square foot print

DEBRA 38 replaces the outgoing Magnum.  Cabinet quality is up as is weight and density with less cabinet talk and better S/N ratio.

Mix and match even number of DEBRA 38 with any other pair of DEBRA model except DEBRA 20 because the difference in output is so great.    

The entire line of DEBRA subs shares the same simple and elegant cabinet design.