AK Gina Satellite/Stand Mount

Shown atop extra cost SuperStand

AudioKinesis Gina S/SM

Two "Best of Show" Awards @ 2022 FLAX-Florida Audio Expo!!! 

We humbly thank Infigo Audio for providing the world's best looking and performing electronics (soon listed for sale here.)  And a big "Thank You" to AV Showrooms and Enjoy the Music for gracing our room with their presence and kind attention.  We promise to try harder at the next show!

AV Showrooms Gold Award/Best of Show:

AK Gina Infigo Gold Award BestOf 2022 FAE

Scroll to 2:00 at THIS YouTube video.


Enjoy the Music Best of Show

As of 15 March 2022, within its power envelope Gina is AudioKinesis' all-time best performing domestic main speaker.  100W input yields approximately 109 dB with only 1 dB of dynamic compression (typical industry compression w/maximum input is ca. 10 dB.)      

Satellite/Stand Mount; price includes standard alloy satin black mid bass dress ring as pictured, with sharp looking polished natural alloy inner edge.  Gina pictured atop extra-cost SuperStand: SS pictured is the "original" model; see our SuperStand page for images and specifications for the current revised and upgraded SS.  

Designed by Duke Lejeune of AudioKinesis.  Horn designed by Duke.  Horn and cabinet made in the US by skilled senior craft persons.  Proprietary 10.5" mid-bass designed by Duke and made in Kentucky.  Radian 1" throat beryllium-diaphragm compression driver, also US-made in SoCal.  Thanks to Chris Owen for his proprietary crossover architecture advice.  Overall crossover design comprises Duke's knowledge base distilled from the research of several of the most esteemed audio/music professionals, including but not limited to Dr. Floyd Toole, Dr. David Griesinger, waveguide patent holder Dr. Earl Geddes and TAS reviewer/UCLA math professor/concert violinist Dr. Robert E. Greene. 

Dr. Greene visited our room @ 2015 THE Show; he is one of the nicest and (unexpectedly) most humble people we've met.  Dr. Greene gave Russell Crowe violin lessons for the movie "Master and Commander," saying that Crowe takes his job so seriously that he developed decent playing skill.  (If you have not seen the movie, beware of playback levels; the canon shots are live artillery with corresponding and unexpected transient effects.)  Greene also tutored Crowe in his Appalachian accent for "A Beautiful Mind."  Don't ask me where Greene finds time to rescue dogs, an act of kindness and compassion we find difficult to measure, such is our affection for dogs in general and one in particular.    

Demo Chocolate Walnut Gina
$8900 $8000/pr

Save $900 

$8900 $8000/pr
New Sub Amp w/Demo Gina and Demo original SuperStands (all cabinets chocolate walnut)
$12,400 $10,000/5 pieces

Save $2400!  This demo Gina and SuperStand for sale are both matching chocolate walnut.  A satin black original SS appears under Gina in all images on this page.  Original SS comprises sealed 10" sub driver powered by included new kilowatt sub amp and 7th Gen 8-inch coincident Space Generator.     

Our current SuperStand page has images and specifications for the current upgraded SS. 

$12,400 $10,000/5 pieces

AudioKinesis' All-Time Best Performing Domestic Speaker

We'll start with the obvious. Duke personally designed Gina's 10.5-inch diameter round, poplar wave guide. Our local CNC journeyman smoothly and beautifully integrates the wave guide into Gina's .75 inch-thick solid wood exterior baffle, bonded to a .75-inch-thick Gold Ply base (total 1.5".)  The solid wood baffle matches the buyer's preferred veneer. For our demo Gina we selected our most popular chocolate walnut finish.

Besides artistic beauty the wood horn has two advantages pertaining to audio performance. Duke studied and integrated the latest research and conclusions regarding wave guide radii, including that of wave-guide patent holder Dr. Earl Geddes.  Geddes established how critical is the tolerance between the horn's entry angle and the compression driver's exit angle; the tighter is this tolerance the less is diffraction and the better is audio performance.  AK is the only known OEM to publicly acknowledge this spec and the magnitude of its importance.

Gina overall response curve employs conclusions from Dr. Robert E. Greene, UCLA math professor, concert violinist, professional audio reviewer and one of the nicest people we've met.

Much of the balance of Gina's performance advantage derives from Duke's own proprietary 10.5” mid-bass, even more linear than Azel's superb 12" mid bass.

The rear panel has Treble Tilt posts with 5 settings, each with a unique curve and gain to maximize sensitivity.  We can also ship tuning resistors for steps in-between the factory settings.

Duke's Design Philosophy

The choice of pro-sound drivers provides a dynamic advantage that's difficult if not impossible for regular domestic drivers to match, esp. when value is part of the equation.  Our pro-sound drivers yield only 1 dB of dynamic compression at maximum output vs. the 10 dB industry standard for domestic drivers.  These pro-sound drivers combined with Duke's crossover provide extremely high linearity.

"Constant directivity" is another advantage: typical cone and dome systems suffer most in the "pass band," the area where two disparate drivers share output.  The higher is the midrange driver's frequency the narrower is its radiation pattern; the lower is the dome tweeter's frequency the wider is its radiation pattern.  The ear/brain mechanism notices this disparity, especially in the pass band, perceived as a "boxy" effect.  Conversely the drivers in our 2-way "constant directivity" systems have matched radiation patterns in the sensitive passband, minimizing box/proximity effect and maximizing the ear/brain mechanism's ability to believe the illusion.

Gina's pattern control down to ca. 1.2k Hz combined with the recommended extreme toe-in minimizes early (bad) reflections and increases the pathlength (good) for reflection off the opposite side wall to the opposite ear (good.)

The on-axis response curve is flat to the low-treble range then tilts slowly downward; perceived response is flat to roll-off because off-axis dispersion is smoother and infinitely more controlled than a typical dome.  (The sum total of a speaker's perceived output is its "power response" defined as its combined on-axis + reflected energy.)

Duke's designs feature the latest conclusions of some of the world's most respected and pre-eminent authorities on psychoacoustics.

The overall result is a rare, superb and welcome combination of detail, spatial effects and long-term musical pleasure.



Gina Specs

  • Sensitivity: 91.0 dB @ 8-ohm, benign phase angle, minimum impedance 6.5 ohm, superb compatibility with tube amplifiers
  • Dimensions HWD: cabinet 23 x 12 x 12 inches, feet height .25 inch
  • Net Weight: 46.33#, 21.0 kg
  • Mid-bass: proprietary AudioKinesis 10.5", neodymium magnet, paper diaphragm, treated accordion surround, ultra-high linearity, Duke originally designed this 10.5" driver for a bass cabinet to be used by a world-renown upright and electric bass player
  • Wave-guide: proprietary AK design, 10.5” round, compresion driver exit angle closely matches wave-guide entry angle
  • Compression Driver: state of the art Radian Audio (US), beryllium diaphragm, 1 inch throat
  • Feet: four 3M ISODAMP 1 inch diameter circle x .25 inch height, material used to damp MRI magnets; removeable/fastened with 3M adhesive putty
  • See Speaker Design Tab for AK build features, etc.