AudioKinesis Azel True Full Range Towers

Azel Tower/M Mylar Compression Driver
Azel Tower/B Beryllium Compression Driver

Includes Rear/Up-Firing Notch-Loaded 8th Gen Space Generator

Knit Cloth Grille w/Ball/Socket Fasteners
Alloy Satin Black Dress Ring for 12”

Azel is the Hebrew word for “noble”

By significant margin Azel Tower/B is AudioKinesis' all time best performing full range speaker for domestic applications. We can not over emphasize the objective performance level found here, for a price that working people can afford.

We'll let a happy Azel Tower/B owner do the talking, unedited:

“Azel surpasses JM 2.0 + SG by a big margin. It has the same sound character of JM, but the details, speed, bass, excel the JM. The bass is obviously more punchy and earth shattering. Mid is clean and organic, the high is never dull or steely. Provided one has a good front end, Azel is truly underrated. It has to be priced much higher, competing with $20K speakers, Azel is not shy at all.”

The above Azel Tower/B client owns Atma-Sphere preamp and OTL. You can also hear AT's superb performance with SS amp in our sound room (see room/system notes elsewhere).

The 2014 “JM 2.0 + SG” to which our client refers cost $9400/4 pieces, which outperformed 2013 Dream Maker 2.0 (also $9400/4 pieces), which outperformed the $8500/pr 2007 TAS Golden Ear Award winning Dream Maker original (all prices original SRP).

Prior to reading my client's comments, I had already planned to market Azel Tower/B as the ideal new alternative for persons shopping for used speakers with original SRP of about “$20k/pr.” I am happily surprised my client validated my marketing plan by independently choosing the same $20k/pr target.

A speaker a few years old in moderate condition and without warranty, that cost $20k/pr new, is worth about $7500/pr, close to the price of new Tower/B pair with full 5 year warranty and as much dealer support, even off hours, as the buyer can stand.

No known speaker extant matches Azel Tower/B's unique combination of bass slam, bass cutoff, dynamic punch, transparency, and spatial qualities. Fifteen seconds after hearing it you'll consider finish options instead of a smaller version.

Beyond our obvious bias, we are convinced Azel Tower/B competes head to head with any new speaker up to $20k/pr and even beyond. Let us know what used speaker tops your short list, with new SRP in the range of $20k/pr or greater.

If there's anything we can say or do to push you over the edge to demo Azel Tower/B, please let us know.

In the "Comments" section please refer to Zephrin 46 and Dream Maker LCS, which evolved into the Azel Tower.


  • Mid-Woofer: Eminence Kappalite 3012LF, neodymium magnet, 3 inch voice coil, 12 inch diameter (USA)
  • Compression Driver: “M” for Celestion mylar diaphragm (Great Britain) or “B” for Radian beryllium diaphragm (USA)
  • Treble Tilt Control: 5 settings for gain and tilt
  • Ports: four 3” diameter rear-firing, two ports behind mid bass increase mid range reverberant field, dual flares, tunable via one air tight plug (included) per port
  • Wave Guide: SEOS/super eliptical oblate spheroid 15.5 inch wide
  • Bass Cutoff: small room 27 Hz, medium size room 31 Hz, large room 35 Hz, tunable via one air tight plug (included) per port
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 2.83V @ 1M @ 8 ohm
  • Space Generator: 8th generation, LTH142 ultra-wide band horn loaded with HF146 compression driver, Faital makes both in Italy
  • Dimensions HWD: 45 x 18 x 18 inches includes .93” glider feet
  • Weight: 107.9 lbs
  • Power Handling: Coming soon!
  • Input Impedance: Coming soon!

Please refer to opening notes for a wide range of build, tuning, and operational details.