AudioKinesis Tall Subwoofers

Tall Subwoofers

Sub amp not included.  Add $500 per each Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp w/EQ and crossover. 

Tall Sub pair includes:

Two Tall Subs 

Four (two per each Tall Sub:) Cherne air-tight sealed pipe plugs with big wing nut



All our subs are passive, requiring amplification.  Our recommended Dayton SA1000 sub amp includes continuous phase control covering the range of 0-180 degrees and a parametric EQ.  Phase tuning and light parametric EQ are both useful with an array because the array solves the primary fault of global bass mode effects.  

Adding a 2nd sub amp doubles the user's tuning options, providing the best performance quality possible.  Two SA1000 sub amps also doubles the available current and voltage for 3 dB larger dynamic envelope.      

Each array of 4 subs requires at least one amp.  

16" x 16" Pedestal with 45-degree corners

Adds stability so Tall Sub can act as a stand for stand-mount main speakers.  Easy installation: remove the four standard rubber feet; use the same screws to fasten the pedestal. 

Includes four 1" tall nickel-polished "Glider" feet (with hard rubber vertical support) same as all our floor standing speakers.  Glider feet allow maximum ease in making the smallest siting movements in any direction.  Also includes a spike, cup and cup pad located under the face, opposite the 10.5" driver.  

Contact us for images of the pre-production pedestal prototype.   


Tall Subs Design and Purpose

For the sake of our conversation let's say 12k cubic feet defines the difference between a smaller/domestic size room and a larger/commercial size room.

The larger the room the smaller the number of bass mode effects, the greater the distance between those modes and the less audible and detrimental are they.  Conversely, the smaller the room the greater the number of bass mode effects, the less is the distance between those modes (they are more tightly bunched together,) and the more audible and detrimental are they.  (Commercial size rooms have bass modes but they are all below 20 Hz hence inaudible.)

Unfortunately, the "no free lunch" rule applies: less boundary effects mean that as the room volume increases, commensurately more bass energy is required to maintain the same perception of power.

Tall Subwoofers to the rescue for larger rooms!  Tall Subs are 4" taller than standard DEBRA subs and have two full-height ports vs. DEBRA's single port.  The result is a tunable bump of about 3 dB centered at 20 Hz.

"Tunable" means Taller Subs perfectly complement any larger than average room but can also be tuned for the same linear and exceptional performance in the smallest room.  The aforementioned "bump" provides extra power that would likely otherwise be missed in a larger than average room.  But Tall Subs can be tuned to work perfectly in the smallest room: plug one of the two ports w/the included Cherne pipe plug to flatten the bass bump or plug both ports for sealed response which may be preferred in the smallest rooms (or cases where a room mode matches the port tuning frequency, which is rare because the tuning F is so much lower than that of most or all full range speakers.)



  • Net Weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Dimensions HWD: 29 x 12 x 12 includes four 1” tall rubber feet
  • Ports: Two full height patented "Precision Ports" w/dual flares; both ports open produce ca. 3 dB boost centered @ 20 Hz; plug one port to flatten the bump or plug both ports for sealed response (higher cut off/slower roll off).  Includes one Cherne Pipe Plug for air-tight seal on each port.
  • Add $500 per Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp/xo/eq; two SA1000 provide maximum tuning options for the smoothest bass throughout the entire room.  A 2nd SA1000 also provides 3 dB greater dynamic range.