AK Magnum

Priced per pair, add separately for Dayton SA1000 kilowatt amp/XO/EQ

More specs coming soon.

Power handling 1000Wrms/each

12.5" subwoofer driver

Dimensions HxWxD: 38" (cabinet alone) x 14" x 14" footprint, rubber feet add 1" to height

Weight: 73.55#

Sensitivity and maximum output 3.5dB greater than subs with standard 10" driver (DEBRA and Tall Subs.)

Two down-firing full-height ports with patented flares (Precision Ports;) each port always includes 1 Cherne brand air-tight pipe plug installed (remove both plugs before setup.)  We prefer and suggest always leaving at least one port open for each of our ported loudspeakers.  Two exceptions exist where an air-tight sealed cabinet may be ideal: when tuning for a very small room and/or to avoid a bass mode peak coincident with port tuning F (the source of dreaded bass drone or "one note bass.")