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AudioKinesis “SuperStand” w/Kilowatt Sub Amp
$3500/3 pieces
$3500/3 pieces
Demo Special One Pair Only Satin Black w/sub amp
$3500 $2200/3 pieces

Save $1300

$3500 $2200/3 pieces

AudioKinesis SuperStand presents a new and exciting twist on an age old audiophile question: What's the world's best speaker stand for my high end stand mount speaker?

Super Stand comprises two rear firing drivers mounted on a notch, each with a separate purpose and separate internal air volume. The upper driver is a sub woofer driven by an outboard kilowatt sub amp. The lower driver is the 7th generation “Space Generator,” which increases spatial performance, pitch sensitivity, and the sound room's perceived dimensions (hence the name).

Holes on one vertical panel of the cabinet release energy that might otherwise bounce between panels flanking the notch (orient holes toward the room center to maximize path length to listeners).

The sub driver is a long proven 10 inch aluminum cone with 600W power handling, as employed in the 2015 TAS Product of the Year Swarm sub woofer and James Romeyn's DEBRA (a licensed Swarm clone with slightly different cabinet foot print).

The Space Generator is an 8 inch coincident driver with high value/high performance mylar compression driver. The SG has continuously variable level control, with “Hi-Lo” toggle switch added to match any main speaker with sensitivity from the low 80 dB to low 90 dB range. Included are simple instructions to match the SG and main speaker levels, which takes only about 15 minutes. The SG impedance varies from 12 Ohm to 24 Ohm depending on level. All or most amps can safely drive the SG parallel with any main speaker. If in doubt, give us a holler and tell us the amp make/model.


  • Bass loading: sealed
  • Dimensions HWD: 24.15 x 12 x 15.25, height includes base and .93” tall gliders, base WxD 18 x 17.75
  • Net weight: 53.1 lbs includes AK badge, four glider feet .93”, and pedestal base
  • Finish: black satin over real maple veneer
  • Bass driver: 10 inch 600W power handling, aluminum cone
  • Bass input impedance: 8 Ohm each, 2 parallel subs = 4 Ohm
  • Inputs on underside terminal cup: 2 pairs binding posts for Sub and Space Generator
  • Space Generator: sealed 8 inch coaxial with mylar compression driver, controlled directivity
  • Bass cutoff: mid 20 Hz range depending on room dimensions (the larger the room the higher is percieved bass cutoff)
  • Sub amp: Dayton Audio SA1000, kilowatt, active crossover, parametric EQ, fixed 80 Hz active high pass crossover for main speaker
  • Space Generator Adjustments, large terminal cup on top panel cut out: Treble Tilt binding posts, “hi-lo” volume switch, continuously variable volume control
  • Space Generator input impedance: 12-24 ohm, varies by volume setting, flat curve above the bass range, benign phase angle, most amps can drive SG parallel w/main speaker (ask if in doubt)
  • Treble Tilt: 5 position alters curve and gain

Please refer to home page notes for a wide range of build, tuning, and operational details.

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