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New 3/2020! AK Sigma III shown atop extra-cost SuperStand

AK Sigma III Satellite Speakers

A world class satellite speaker with natural bass cutoff @ approximately 55 Hz (subs recommended).  A mere 40W input @ 4 ohm nets outrageous 111 dB SPL with only 1 dB dynamic compression (full range input signal, even higher SPL with high pass filter as in HT applications).  

Among the all time best loudspeakers extant for applications demanding audiophile monitor refinement with acoustic output capacity satisfying the hungriest appetite.     

In Stock Maple or Light Cherry
$6500/pr $3500/pr

A once in a lifetime savings on one of the all time best specialty speakers providing audiophile refinement and maximum playback levels.    

Save $3000 which is 54% off SRP.  

$6500/pr $3500/pr
AK SuperStands
$3500 $2400

Special Savings of $1100! One demo satin black SuperStand 3-piece set w/full warranty as new: each SS comprises 10 inch high power sub driver + 7th generation 8 inch coaxial Space Generator w/level control.  Includes one Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp.

$3500 $2400


3/2020: Introducing the new AudioKinesis Sigma III Satellite, specially engineered with classic Audiokinesis audiophile musical qualities, but with outrageous uncompressed output capability never seen before in this price class. A mere 40W @ 4 ohm yields 111 dB! Either Sigma III satisfies your hunger for clean acoustic power or you need to buy stock in a company that mines minerals for hearing aid batteries.

Sigma III follows in Sigma I and II footprints, with an ultra-rigid high mass cabinet well suited for this monitor’s insane acoustic potential. Faital of Italy’s dual 8 inch ultra-high performance mid bass also carry on, with more motor strength per moving mass than a certain renown ultra-high cost Danish 7.1 inch (18 cm) mid bass.  The symmetrical vertical array carries on, which equally minimizes floor/ceiling bounce and room overload, to further maximize clean output signal.

All new are the crossover, compression driver, and parallel wiring for the mid bass. Prior Sigma had series-wired mid bass for 16 ohm, aimed squarely at world class performance with the world’s best tube and OTL power amps. Sigma III still works with tube amps, but it is superbly suited for HT receivers and SS amps in general.

Sigma III’s biggest change is the switch from 16-ohm to 4-ohm, requiring all new xo comprising all the latest AudioKinesis tuning expertise that first arrived in 2017’s Azel. Sigma III now sports Celestion’s mylar compression driver w/1-inch throat, one of the world’s all time most musical and bullet proof mid-tweeters.

Why the impedance change? Music and Home Theater lovers with even moderate SS power amps or home theater receivers can now access greater clean acoustic output than ever dreamed possible in this price class. Bring any amp suitable for 4 ohm load, and bring it on. (Sigma III is also compatible with 4-ohm capable tube amps.)

Got a yuge HT basement cavern with a 130-inch projector screen, and an insatiable hunger to watch “Dunkirk” or “Master And Commander” at THX reference level and beyond? Got a dedicated music room, and you just don’t feel alive till you hear Toto, ELO, opera, Buddy Rich, Mel Torme, or full symphony orchestra with chorus at true live uncompressed SPL?  Lack the $40k required for a suitably refined horn?  Baby, you and Sigma III were separated at birth.  Come home to your baby named Sigma III.

Sigma III is rightly called the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.  Beyond its world class acoustic output capacity, it maintains all the resolution and musical rightness long associated with AudioKinesis: the latest xo tweaks that arrived in 2017’s Azel, a quality SEOS (Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid) wave guide with constant directivity radiation pattern, and something no cone/dome offers: matched radiation patterns in the pass band shared between the mid bass and mid-tweeter.

If maximum clean output in a refined, affordable, moderate size monitor tops your wish list, you simply must audition Sigma III.

Accommodates any listening perspective, far to near field.

Pro reviewer comments Sigma I (16 ohm):


  • Net weight each: 51.3 lbs
  • Compression Driver: Celestion mylar diaphragm, 1 inch throat (Great Britain)
  • Driver Layout: MHM mid bass/horn/mid bass
  • Wave guide: 13.5 inch wide state of the art SEOS (Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid)
  • Radiation pattern: 90 degree horizontal x 45 degree vertical, ideal for low and/or highly reflective ceiling
  • Toe-in: recommend on-axis lines intersect 4-6 feet IFO sweet spot
  • True sensitivity: 96.0 dB @ 2.83V @ 4 ohm (2W), 93.0 dB @ 1W
  • Mid-Treble driver: high performance/ultra high value Celestion mylar compression driver
  • Bass Tuning: includes four air-tight plugs per speaker to seal any number of ports (none to four) to damp mid bass modes
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 26 x 18 x 10 inches, 45 degree angle on all 4 vertical corners (front diagonal 1.75” wide, rear diagonal 3.5” wide)
  • Mid-Bass driver: 8 inch Faital pro sound from Italy, octagonal alloy frame, treated paper cone, accordion surround, neodymium magnet
  • Maximum Output @ 1M with only 1 dB dynamic compression: 40W full range = 111.0 dB, active high-pass crossover (not included) @ 300W = 119.0 dB
  • System Design: constant directivity waveguide, horn matches mid bass radiation pattern, four rear-firing dual-flared ports behind mid bass drivers enhance reverberant field energy
  • Input impedance: 4 Ohm nominal, 3.0 Ohm minimum. Benign phase angle and flat impedance above the bass range, well suited for 4-ohm rated amp making 40W or more @ 4 ohm.

Sigma Cabinets:

  • ¾” solid wood top
  • All drivers flush mounted
  • Mid bass baffle 1.5” thick
  • Primary material: ¾” MDF both sides pre-veneered
  • Grille shape: vertically stretched octagon echoes mid bass frame
  • Furniture grade real wood veneer, multi-coat hand rubbed satin lacquer
  • Reinforcement: mass-loaded top and base panels, two full horizontal window braces (one each between wave guide and each mid bass)

All USA made and assembled except wave guide, crossover parts, and 8 inch mid bass from Italy. Safe and secure shipping in OEM wood crates with dual layer 2” foam all around.  Inquire for shipping quote, vendor gets 10% discount.  One crate per Sigma.  Vendor employs low cost Concordia shipper for international sales (air transit costs about 1/3rd less than FX ocean transit).

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