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AK Outboard Sub

Outboard Subs

Sub amp not included; usually powered by kilowatt sub amp powering sub woofers in SuperStands.

New, unused, not demo chocolate walnut in stock
$1700 $1450/pr
$1700 $1450/pr

The larger the room the less are boundary effects throughout the range, and the less obtrusive are bass mode effects (they tend to be spread out instead of bunched together).  Unfortunately the "no free lunch" rule means that such rooms require more bass energy for the same perception of power.

Outboard Sub to the rescue!

AK's Outboard Sub is ideal for larger than average rooms and/or to achieve below 20 Hz cutoff with AK SuperStand, which has a sealed sub driver and cutoff around 25 Hz.  Match any room and/or taste: plug one of the two ports w/included Cherne pipe plugs to flatten the bass bump, or plug both ports for sealed response.

When used with SuperStands, normally OS site one per each side wall, w/staggered distance from the front wall, e.g. L sub @ mid point on the wall, R sub 1/3rd or 2/3rds from the front wall.    


  • Net Weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Dimensions HWD: 29 x 12 x 12 includes four 1” tall rubber feet
  • Ports: Two full height "Precision Ports" w/dual flares; both ports open yield about +3 dB bass boost @ 20 Hz; plug one port to flatten the bump, or plug both ports for sealed response (higher cut off/slower roll off).  Includes one Cherne Pipe Plug for air tight seal on each port
  • In stock: Chocolate Walnut w/$250 discount
  • Add $375 per Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp/xo/eq; two SA1000 required for Dr. David Greisinger's Phase Quadrature array

Special Savings of $1300! Only one demo pair Satin Black SuperStand, SRP $3500/3 pieces SRP, $2200/3 pieces including one Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp.  Includes sealed 10” sub driver and 7th generation 8” coaxial Space Generator with passive volume control.

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