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Azel Stand Mount, Beryllium or Mylar

Azel Stand Mount, mylar compression driver
Azel Stand Mount, beryllium compression driver
Demo Azel SM/B satin natural walnut
$6500 $3400/pr

Save $3100!  Images on this page, see "satin natural walnut" atop satin black SuperStand.  (Azel atop matching SuperStand veneer: both are satin chocolate walnut)


$6500 $3400/pr
Knit Cloth Grille w/Ball/Socket Fasteners
Alloy Satin Black Dress Ring for 12”

A 1000% acoustically transparent cosmetic upgrade: hides fastening screws and the forward facing fiber mounting gasket on the 12 inch mid bass.  Ring and four flush mount flat head screws finished in black satin powder coat.  For likeness see Gina (ring standard on Gina, no grille option).    


Azel is the Hebrew word for “noble”

All AK stand mount models are satellites requiring subs for true full range performance.

Azel SM/B is a world class stand mount winning rave comments at 2018 RMAF.  Gina is one step above Azel SM/B in refinement, while Azel is a full 3 dB higher in sensitivity.  Azel transparency competes with panel speakers, but  has bass slam and dynamic “pop” beyond any panel speaker, and is one of the easiest speakers to drive.


  • Mid-Woofer: Eminence Definimaz 4012HO, 4 inch voice coil, 12 inch diameter, 22.3 lbs (USA)
  • Compression Driver: “M” for Celestion mylar diaphragm (Great Britain) or “B” for Radian beryllium diaphragm (USA)
  • Treble Tilt Control: 5 settings, center setting = flat/neutral
  • Ports: two 3” diameter rear-firing behind mid bass to increase mid range reverberant field, dual flares, tunable via one air tight plug (included) per port
  • Wave Guide: SEOS/super eliptical oblate spheroid 15.5 inch wide
  • Bass Cutoff: estimate 60 Hz, tunable via one air tight plug (included) per port
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 2.83V @ 1M @ 8 ohm
  • Dimensions HWD: 24 x 18 x 12.5 inches, 4.5 inch wide 45 degree rear vertical corners
  • Net Weight: 71.6 lbs
  • Power Handling/Maximum Output: 100Wrms yields 114 dB w/only 1 dB dynamic compression
  • Input Impedance: 8 ohm nominal/6 ohm minimum, benign phase angle

Please refer to home page notes for a wide range of build, tuning, and operational details.

“AK Azel SM/B Packages” AK's 2018 RMAF Display System and AK's All Time 2nd Best Performing Domestic System

AudioKinesis Azel SM/B $6500/pr sits atop...
SuperStand pair includes one Dayton Audio SA1000 sub amp, 10 inch active sub driver and 8 inch coaxial Space Generator (each in separate sub enclosure) $3500/3 pieces
Outboard Subs one each on L/R wall $1500/pr
Extra Dayton Audio SA1000 for Dr. David Griesinger's “Phase Quadrature Array” tuning $400
Subtotal $11,900/8 pieces SRP
Demo system only: $8000/8 pieces, saving $3900

Special Demo Savings of $1300! One Demo Set Satin Black SuperStand, SRP $3500/3 pieces SRP, $2200/3 pieces.

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