AudioKinesis Tall Subwoofers

Tall Subwoofers

Sub amp not included.  Add $500 per each Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp w/EQ and crossover. 

Tall Sub pair includes spikes and sockets installed for optional extra-cost removeable cloth grilles.  Includes:

Two Tall Subs 

Four, two each per Tall Sub required: Cherne air-tight sealed pipe plugs with big wing nut

Two, one each per Tall Sub: spike, cup and self-adhesive cup pad


All our subs are passive, requiring amplification.  Our recommended sub amp includes continuous phase control 0-180 degrees, required to employ Dr. David Greisinger's "Phase Quadrature Tuning" for the absolutely smoothest bass response throughout the entire room. 

Two subs each on the L and R half of the room are split 90 degrees, thus providing maximum mode damping effect while still maintaining maximum output in the lower-most quarter-octave.  The L subs are tuned to 45 degrees while the R subs are tuned to 135 degrees for 90 degrees difference between the L/R halves of the array.  The center or average of the four subs shifts their output 90 degrees vs. the main speakers, thus also providing maximum mode damping effect in the pass band between the mains and subs.

Like the saying goes; you really have no idea the positive effects of this solution till you hear it; then you'll never go back.        

Each group of 4 subs requires at least one amp.  Phase Quadrature Tuning requires two SA1000 and also doubles the available current and voltage yielding +3 dB greater peak output.    

Optional Removeable Grille

Removable black cloth grille, one per sub.  Hides and protects the sub driver for cases when the driver is exposed or for other reasons.     

The greater is driver to boundary asymmetry the less audible are bass mode effects and the smoother is overall performance.  Toward this goal we recommend rotating each sub cabinet so that all sub drivers face one (any) wall, resulting in a unique path length from each driver to the subject wall.  You'll be happily surprised at the audible benefits.

In a typical setup following the above advice, the 10.5" driver is likely exposed on 1 to 3 subs.  Users can employ the above-described technique without grilles.  We offer grilles for any case where a user prefers to cover and protect a sub driver, including our asymmetrical setup advice.  Users may finish setup/tuning and order grilles only for subs with exposed 10.5" drivers which users prefer to cover and protect. 

As of November 2021 all subs delivered include installed sockets to receive grilles with ball fasteners.         

16" x 16" Pedestal with 45-degree corners

Adds stability so Tall Sub can act as a stand for stand-mount main speakers.  Easy installation: remove the four standard rubber feet; use the same screws to fasten the pedestal. 

Includes four 1" tall nickel-polished "Glider" feet same as all our floor standing speakers, providing the most minute and accurate siting changes.  Also includes a spike, cup and cup pad.  All four sides of the base include a threaded insert for the spike, allowing users to fire the 10.5" driver in any direction to maximize asymmetry and bass smoothness.  (For more on this see siting notes elsewhere Re. extra-cost grilles.) 

Contact us for images of the pre-production pedestal prototype.        


Tall Subs Design and Purpose

The larger the room the less are boundary effects, the greater the distance between bass modes and the less audible and detrimental are they.  Conversely, the smaller the room the greater are boundary effects, the tighter bunched together are bass modes and the more audible and detrimental are they.  Unfortunately, the "no free lunch" rule applies: less boundary effects mean that larger rooms require more bass energy for the same perception of power.

Tall Subwoofers to the rescue for larger rooms!  Tall Subs are 4" taller than standard DEBRA subs and have two full-height ports vs. DEBRA's single port.  The result is a tunable bump of about 3 dB centered at 20 Hz.

Taller Subs perfectly complement any larger than average room but can also be tuned for the same linear and exceptional performance in the smallest room.  The aforementioned "bump" provides extra power that would likely otherwise be missed in a larger than average room.  But Tall Subs can be tuned to work perfectly in the smallest room: plug one of the two ports w/the included Cherne pipe plug to flatten the bass bump or plug both ports for sealed response which may be preferred in the smallest rooms (or cases where a room mode matches the port tuning frequency.)



  • Net Weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Dimensions HWD: 29 x 12 x 12 includes four 1” tall rubber feet
  • Ports: Two full height "Precision Ports" w/dual flares; both ports open produce ca. 3 dB boost centered @ 20 Hz; plug one port to flatten the bump or plug both ports for sealed response (higher cut off/slower roll off).  Includes one Cherne Pipe Plug for air-tight seal on each port.
  • Add $500 per Dayton Audio SA1000 kilowatt sub amp/xo/eq; two SA1000 required for Dr. David Griesinger's Phase Quadrature Tuning.