Priced per pair.  For lengths longer than 1.5 Meters please call for pricing.

12AWG twisted pair, black and green insulation.  Refund only with standard gold contact RCA plug.   Sales final for other RCA or tip/ring; for optional plugs add MSRP for all plugs.

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Product Description

One month trail with full refund minus shipping for all standard terminations.  All sales final for custom terminations (noted in product descriptions below).  Returns require client to contact vendor for RA #, pack properly, insure for full original value, and pay only return shipping and insurance fee.

We generally recommend matching the metal plating of all connector contacts for analog signals.  Mismatched plating contacts increases potential for electrolysis.  We heard mismatched contact plating solely and directly cause audible hash and grunge.  (We corrected the error in this case by making special adapters to match contact plating on both sides.)

We can not more strongly recommend annual application of Caig DeOxit Gold contact cleaner and treatment on all accessible contacts including AC mains plugs, IEC, and duplex outlets.

All products below are neutral, transparent, and suitable for wide array of systems because they lack the ubiquitous tendency to act as a system EQ.

Assembled with silver content solder and Hakko temperature-adjustable solder iron.

Additional Information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 40 x 58 in