One Year Warranty Hypex Parts
Transferable 5-Year Warranty on Workmanship and All Parts Except Hypex
Available as Stereo, Regular Mono, 1200Wpc Bridged Mono

Hypex NCore is among the most popular and successful amplifier technology. NCore arrived December 2011. The first two NCore batches sold out in hours. There are several thousand internet pages referencing NCore.

Hypex market NC400 strictly for so-called “DIY” or hobbyist. Hypex do not solicit OEM and offer no quantity pricing. I professionally build NCore amplifiers for music and audio lovers who lack skill, time, tools, and/or work space to properly assemble their own NCore NC400 amplifiers.

Hypex NCore NC400 drives any speaker and is among the best values in audio. Your amp ships twelve days after payment and arrives soon thereafter. Compact, lightweight, runs cool, affordable, reliable, draws little current, and superb performance for power hungry applications. What more could you ask for?


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Product Description

Buying Used NCore, Caveat Emptor
Some persons modify NCore, such as replacing connectors with hard solder joints. Hypex do not service modified amps or power supplies. Incorrectly wired NC400 might work fine in some applications, and not work in other applications.

Choose from Three Amplifiers

  1. Stereo powered by Hypex SMPS1200A400, 600W @ 2 Ohm, 1 Ohm minimum, $1490/each, 1200W Hypex power supply for 600Wpc, dimensions 2.8? x 9.8? x 12? (70 x 250 x 308mm), 8.5 lbs (3.9 Kg), specify face plate finish: black or natural aluminum
  2. Bridged Mono Bloc powered by SMPS1200A400, 1200W @ 2 Ohms, 1 Ohm minimum, $2980/pair, 1200W Hypex power supply, dimensions 2.8? x 9.8? x 12? (70 x 250 x 308mm), 8.5 lbs (3.9 Kg), specify face plate finish: black or natural aluminum
  3. Regular Mono Block powered by Hypex SMPS600, $1900/pair, 600W power supply, specify faceplate finish: plain black, black with NCore logo, plain natural aluminum

Add for final shipping from Utah to client: stereo about $40 to CONUS or $90 to Australia
Add for shipping insurance .9% CONUS or 1.4% for international, insured value can not exceed “declared value” for customs…no transit claims continuously shipping to far points of the globe for four years

Hypex NCore White Paper
Hypex NCore NC400 Product Sheet


  • 200/400/600Wpc @ 8/4/2 Ohms, 1 Ohm minimum, mono w/SMPS600 or stereo w/SMPS1200A400. Draws about 4W @ idle per NC400.
  • Bridged mono bloc 400/800/1200W @ 8/4/2 Ohms, 1 Ohm minimum.
  • Immediately after receiving payment, we purchase necessary parts from two vendors (Hypex and chassis vendor). Parts arrive within ten days and we ship your assembled and tested new amp two days later.
  • High density self-adhesive foam gasket tape inside the top where it contacts chassis flange (damps ringing)
  • Self-adhesive damping sheet on top panel underside eliminates “ringing” when tapped.
  • No parts substitution. Add $20 for mains toggle switch on rear panel of Stereo and Bridged Mono. No chassis fuse because Hypex power supplies already fused.
  • Price would almost double for same/similar amp sold through dealers with normal distribution markup.

19 September 2013 we shipped our first stereo amp build. The stereo amp gets our unequivocal praise and endorsement. Internally our Stereo amp matches performance of two mono blocs and saves the buyer $410 + ancillary fees, even more when you consider cost for a second upgraded mains power cable. The mono bloc’s only potential advantage is shortest possible speaker cables for lowest series resistance. This is only an advantage with difficult application comprising one or more of the following:

Larger than average room
Greater than average listening distance
Speaker with extreme phase angle, difficult impedance, low sensitivity
The less is distance between the speakers, the shorter can be speaker cables, and the closer can stereo performance approximate mono blocs even with difficult application. Site stereo amp dead center between speakers for shortest possible speaker cables and lowest possible series resistance for speaker cables.

Standard faceplate is black anodize. Check with Siliconray for availability of natural brushed aluminum faceplate for this stereo and/or bridged mono chassis.

Speaker Cable Series Resistance

Ncore current potential for speaker loads is deceivingly large because the amp module and Switching Mode Power Supply are small and draw little mains current (4W @ idle per channel).

Users might easily underestimate this spec, and choose speaker cable with too high series resistance.  In such cases, current that would otherwise increase sound quality is converted to useless heat in the speaker cable.

The more difficult the speaker load the lower must be speaker cable series resistance (which means thicker wire gauge and lower numeric AWG).  “Difficult speaker load” = extreme phase angle, sensitivity in the mid-80 dB range or less, minimum impedance < 3 Ohm or lower, or combination thereof.

One of our reference speakers employs two identical mid size 2-way monitors per channel, each monitor with it’s own crossover, each monitor 8 Ohm nominal, 5.3 Ohm minimum.  The two monitors wire together either series (16 Ohm nominal/10.6 Ohm minimum) or parallel (4 Ohm nominal/2.65 Ohm minimum).  Overall sensitivity per channel is about 88 dB.

We had the great and unique pleasure of comparing Ncore powering two identical loads except for impedance described above.  With a fine speaker cable of moderate series resistance (9AWG) the higher impedance load sounded better. With another fine speaker cable with lower series resistance (4AWG) the lower impedance load sounded better.

Don’t make the easy mistake of using speaker cable with too high a magnitude series resistance.  The thicker the wire the greater is self-inductance, which acts as a low pass filter if a simple ultra thick wire gauge is employed.  Inquire about our very moderately priced/ultra-high performance speaker cable with series resistance equivalent to 6AWG copper, with silver plated copper conductor.  The cable is 4AWG but very flexible with soft textured insulation.  We highly recommend this cable as an upgrade for any amp, but especially one supplying as much current as NC400.

Under-wiring in this respect is like putting bias ply tires on your 450bhp performance vehicle.  Sure, it will get you to the Piggly Wigly to buy a carton of milk, but taking the long way home over the mountain is no fun at all!