AudioKinesis Gina Satellite shown atop extra cost SuperStand

AudioKinesis Gina SM

Stand Mount; price includes standard alloy satin black mid bass dress ring as pictured.  Gina pictured atop extra-cost SuperStand.  (SS pictured is the "original" model; see our SuperStand page for images and specifications of the current improved model w/major upgrades.)  

Demo Chocolate Walnut Gina
$7600 $5900/pr

Save $1700! 

$7600 $5900/pr
Demo Chocolate Walnut Gina w/Demo Black SuperStands + new sub amp
$11100 $8800/5 pieces

Save $2300!  SuperStand original model comprises sealed 10" sub driver (powered by kilowatt sub amp) and 7th Gen 8-inch coincident Space Generator.  (Please see our current SuperStand page for images and specifications of the current improved model w/major upgrades.) 

$11100 $8800/5 pieces

All Time Best Performing AudioKinesis Speaker

We'll start with the obvious. Duke personally designed Gina's 10.5 inch diameter round, poplar wave guide. Our local CNC journeyman smoothly and beautifully integrates the wave guide into Gina's .75 inch thick solid wood exterior baffle, bonded to a .75 inch thick Gold Ply base layer. The solid wood baffle matches the buyer's preferred veneer. For our demo Gina we selected our most popular finish we call “chocolate walnut.”

Besides artistic beauty, the wood horn has two advantages pertaining to audio performance. Duke studied and integrated the latest research regarding wave guide radius, including the work of Dr. Earl Geddes.

A critical and largely ignored spec correlating to horn performance is the tolerance between its entry angle and the compression driver's exit angle; the closer this tolerance the less is diffraction and the better is performance.  We are the only known OEM to publicly acknowledge the importance of this specification.

Much of Gina's remaining performance advantage derives from its proprietary 10” mid bass which is exceptionally linear, more so than even Azel's 12 inch mid bass, already a superb performer.

“AK Gina Crown,” AK's All Time Best Performing Domestic Loudspeaker System

Gina SM $7600/pr

SuperStands comprising 10-inch ported active subwoofer + "Little Big Horn" Space Generator + one kilowatt sub amp $3950/3 pieces

Tall Subs one each on L/R wall $1700/pr

2nd Dayton Audio SA1000 required for Dr. David Griesinger's “Phase Quadrature Array” tuning $425

Total above $13,675/8 pieces SRP

Gina Specs

  • Sensitivity: 91 dB @ 8 ohm, benign phase angle, minimum impedance 6.5 ohm
  • Dimensions HWD: 23 x 12 x 12 inches, feet height .25 inch
  • Net Weight: 46 lb 5.4 oz
  • Mid-bass: 10” proprietary AudioKinesis design built by Eminence, neodymium magnet, paper diaphragm, treated accordion surround, ultra high linearity
  • Wave-guide: proprietary AK design, 10.5” round, compresion driver exit angle closely matches wave-guide entry angle
  • Compression Driver: state of the art Radian Audio (US), beryllium diaphragm, 1 inch throat
  • See Speaker Design Tab for AK build features, etc.