Pro guitarist Austin Weyand, THE Show 2010

Austin Weyand playing his Thorell Corina

T.H.E. (The Home Entertainment) Show started in the early-mid 1990s, running concurrent with the annual C.E.S. (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas every January. High end audio manufacturers tired of CES’ practices such as exorbitant fees for rooms and moving of display merchandise, leading to the birth of T.H.E. Show.

Vendors Atma-Sphere (tube components) and VMPS Ribbon Loudspeakers sponsored their second annual “live vs. recorded” event, wherein show goers were treated to live professional musicians recorded in two high-resolution recording formats.  Two singers participated at different times, soprano Lesley Olsher and alto Napua Davoy from Hawaii.

One recording system comprised two M-Audio tube condenser mics in M/S pattern into an Alesis 24 bit/88.2kHz recorder.  M/S stands for mid/side in which one cardiod pattern mic faces dead center forward, the other mic has a figure eight pickup pattern and faces L/R (a special M/S processor has two mic inputs and stereo output).  The other recording system comprised one AKG stereo mic and a small, portable one-box Korg recorder (single-bit twice-SACD sampling rate).

It was a pleasure to hire the great finger style guitarist Austin Weyand to help us launch this brokerage, with mostly original music on Saturday morning 9 January 2010.  The first half of this set was performed on his own Thorell Corina flat top (spruce top/mahagony back/side), the last half on our first-ever Thorell “Grand” (Adirondack top/olivewood from Zambia side/back).

Please accept my apology for the lack of image quality.  I avoided using the flash out of fear it would destroy the desired intimacy of the performance (there was room for only about twenty audience at a time…show-goers were waiting outside the door to listen)…next time I promise to use the flash.

More details and images coming soon, including better shots taken by one of the two recording engineers. For now, I hope these images tempt you to return for more of this exciting event.  Austin was a smash hit and I can’t wait to do this again next year!

Your humble correspondent with Thorell Sweet E arch top


Austin Weyand, Lesley Olsher perform Scarborough Fair...sweet!

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